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Тема: Trying to find the best photo book printer


For many years, I made my photo books with Apple's Aperture. I liked the quality of the product and I loved the flexibility of the software to make the book.Apple has stopped supporting Aperture (as you all know), and recently Aperture stopped allowing the production of photo books. So I'm looking for recommendations of where to go to produce my photo books. I see in forums that something called Presto Photo creates books from the Aperture template (via the production of pdfs), which I wouldn't mind trying but I'm not sure Presto Photo is still in existence (and the most recent posting on their forum is someone complaining that their credit card into was stolen as soon as they made an order). So I'm a bit wary of going down this road.
Some websites recommend the likes of Shutterfly or Mixbook, but I've used Shutterfly, and the books aren't really serious or professional quality. I use Nations Photo for prints, and they're great. Nations Photo does books, but the Nations books and the Adoramapix books are twice as expensive as all the others. (I'm willing to pay for quality, but I make a fair number of books and $200 is a lot for one book). I don't like the Lightroom book module -- too primitive and limited.So . . . does anyone have any experience along these lines or suggestions? Any advice for getting the very best photo books?

Any help will be apprecited.

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