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Тема: Different issue with auto tag from web (not 400 Bad Request)


So auto tag from web worked fine for me yesterday (using Discogs addon). However, when I run autotag from web today, it doesn't respond. in fact, it gets stuck while trying to work and I have to shut down MMW. Since I just moved MMW over to a new computer, I thought maybe something happened to the Discogs script, so I uninstalled. I tried to use autotag from web again without Discogs just to see if I would even get the HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request error, but it just kept spinning again and I had to shut down MMW.
I tried reinstalling Discogs and it still got stuck.
I should mention that I haven't had any other issues/problems since moving over to a new computer. All my music is being read properly and I have had no other hang ups including synchronization to my phone via MMA.
Any idea what could be causing this or ways I could troubleshoot? I am a very new MMW user.

Please help.

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