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Тема: Obstacles to tourism development in Nigeria identified


High cost of flight and hotel accommodation as well as inconsistency of government policy are factors militating against tourism development in Nigeria, Mr Jimi Adebakin, a UK-based consultant, has said.
Adebakin, who was speaking at the tourism stakeholders meeting on Tuesday in Lagos, said that the problems would continue to discourage foreign tourists from Nigeria as tourists usually prefer to visit tourism sites that were cheap and easy to reach.
“It cost between $200 to $400 to get a good hotel accommodation in Nigeria and about 500 pounds for an eight hours flight from UK to Nigeria, while it will cost about 150 pounds a journey of the same number of hours from UK to US,� Adebakin said.
To make tourism commercially viable in Nigeria, Adebakin urged both the public and private sectors to promote buyers’ market as against sellers’ market.
He enthussed that there would be no sustainable tourism development unless the bilateral agreement with chartered airlines operators were enforced.

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