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Тема: Concert health warnings


Not sure if this is the right forum, but I want to discuss the following : Health warnings at concerts. My wife is epileptic and I was casually discussing this with a person who said, “My daughter is epileptic and had a seizure at a concert. They ought to ban those bright blinking lights.”I thought to myself, that’s an interesting idea that would never happen! Bright blinking lights, which at certain frequencies can set off seizures, are a standard part of certain shows.But it did get me to think, what about warnings? Would it be workable, even conceivable, that all venues of a certain size be required to post sound and sight warnings for their shows, somehow either through the online ticket agent, at the box office, or at an independent website?I know this is an enormous and impractical undertaking. Like, a local band playing in the corner bar, can sound or look like anything. But those shows are generally inexpensive and easy to walk out of if the sound levels or visuals are dangerous (although by the time an epileptic first sees a strobe it’s too late)But large venues are much more well-produced and controlled. You can get a ballpark handle on the audible (dB) and visible hazards (have neurologist check it out), ahead of time, and issue ratings or warnings.
From a business standpoint, wouldn’t consumers with special needs, NEED to know what’s in store for them before shelling out big bucks on concert tickets?I tried a little googling on this but honestly have a lot on my plate so do not have the time to research if this kind of thing already exists.What are y’all thoughts?

Any help will be apprecited.

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